Let's HIRE the right people

With the high demand for talent and the focus on the quality of your people is key for organizational success. We offer a very unique approach to psychometric assessment that delivers highly effective results.

Talent Development

Not only that we help you in the hiring phase, We also help in the career development of you employees. Our solution also helps when implementing the HiPo Program.


Our gamified psychometric assessment provides you with detailed report on candidates based on the psychometric assessment you have selected from five different psychometric assessments.

Great Talent

The world is filled with great talent to hire, BUT what about excellent talent who fit directly in your company?! WE can help you with that from our range of psychometric assessments.

Reduced Cost

We understand that there is a huge cost when it comes to psychometric assessment, But here at SAmAS Gamify we are able to provide you with gamified psychometric assessment for as low as 80 EGP per test/candidate


Our solution is very easy to use and understand for both clients & candidates. You do not have to possess technical knowledge of psychometric assessment. Everything is easy as 1-2-3

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