Let's HIRE the right people

With the high demand for talent and the focus on the quality of your people is key for organizational success. We offer a very unique approach to psychometric assessment that delivers highly effective results.

Talent Development

Not only that we help you in the hiring phase, We also help in the career development of you employees. Our solution also helps when implementing the HiPo Program.


Our gamified psychometric assessment provides you with detailed report on candidates based on the psychometric assessment you have selected from five different psychometric assessments.

Great Talent

The world is filled with great talent to hire, BUT what about excellent talent who fit directly in your company?! WE can help you with that from our range of psychometric assessments.

Reduced Cost

We understand that there is a huge cost when it comes to psychometric assessment, But here at SAmAS Gamify we are able to provide you with gamified psychometric assessment for as low as 80 EGP per test/candidate


Our solution is very easy to use and understand for both clients & candidates. You do not have to possess technical knowledge of psychometric assessment. Everything is easy as 1-2-3

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Here at SAmAS Gamify we KNOW what you need, thats why we are providing you with the selection of five gamified psychometric assessments.

Organizational Culture

Culture influences organizational performance, innovation, agility, engagement, recruitment, retention, and competitiveness.

Multifactor Leadership

Measuring a broad range of leadership types, passive leaders, to leaders who transform their followers into becoming leaders themselves

Team Role

Different individuals displayed different Team Roles to varying degrees.Moreover, the behaviour assumed might not correspond with what others observe

Subordinate Styles

Leaders influence others’ behaviors. To become more effective, leader must learn how to influence others with the intent of effectively motivating them.

Management Style

Helps to identify admirable leadership qualities and are a reliable indicator of a candidate’s job performance capabilities.

Our Packages

Our packages are tailored to meet your specific needs.
Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, we have a package that's right for you.



Suitable for small companies


  • 10 Candidates
  • Multifactor Leadership
  • Team Role Assessment
  • Client users: 1


Best for lots of hiring & promoting


  • 40 Candidates
  • Team Role Assessment
  • Subordinate Style
  • Multifactor Leadership
  • Client users: 3


Suitable for mass hiring


  • 100 Candidates
  • Organizational Culture
  • Multifactor Leadership
  • Team Role Assessment
  • Subordinate Style
  • Client users: 5


Mega hiring

? Year

  • 200 Candidates
  • Organizational Culture
  • Multifactor Leadership
  • Team Role Assessment
  • Subordinate Style
  • Management Style
  • Client users: Unlimited


  • What is "Gamification"?

    "Gamification" is the application of game technology in non-game contexts – has been quickly adopted as a go-to approach for enhancing engagement and innovation across industries – recruitment is no exception! Gamified psychometric assessments can be used in the initial selection process and can extend to employee on-boarding and development.
  • Why gamified psychometric?

    the gamification shown in our psychometric assessments shifts the application of game elements and mechanics from the peripheral features of the assessment to its core, thereby harnessing the psychometric properties of games. The psychometric basis of the assessment and the game-like elements become a single unit, opening an unprecedented window on the test-taker’s patterns of decision-making, reactions, preferences, and biases. This is made possible by leveraging the accumulated evidence of several decades of advancements in cognitive, neuroscientific, and experimental psychology.
  • Is your methodology scientific?

    YES, our methodology is based on the following psychometric theories conducted by : Cameron and Quinn. Bruce J. Avolio and Bernard M. Bass. Arnold Daniels. Bernardin and Beatty.
  • What is psychometric testing?

    Psychometric testing uses a series of tests designed by qualified professionals (psychologists or psychometrics experts), aiming to assess: 1-Cognitive ability. 2-Personal traits: behavior, attitudes, values, interests 3-Mental health status: to detect potential disorders or conditions. In hiring, psychometric tests are widely used to evaluate skills and abilities that cannot be assessed during an interview and which you couldn’t evaluate based on the candidates’ cover letters and resumes. Employee integrity is a good example. Hiring managers use psychometric tests to: 1-Get an in-depth evaluation of someone’s strengths and weaknesses Complete candidates’ profiles with more data. 2-Compare candidates between each other. 3-Assess the potential for a culture and personality add. 4-Reduce biases and hire a diverse workforce.
  • Can psychometric assessment be used in other than "Recruitment"?

    Yes, it is also use later in the employee’s journey. For example, companies use them as a part of a job performance assessment, in employee development and promotion, or in an effort from management to assess teams’ forces and weaknesses and to adapt their management style to employees’ personalities and traits. Besides that, HR managers use psychometric testing as a part of a leadership assessment to evaluate the capacities of the company’s management team and study its potential for improvement.
  • Can candidates "cheat" on the test's?

    Yes, in regular MCQ tests candidate tend to do that. But here at SAmAS Gamify we managed to overcome that by turning all the MCQ's into an interactive game that the candidate plays online.
  • Can psychometric assessment be used for all employee levels?

    Yes, some job roles rely heavily on specific attributes or personality traits. That's why we designed our gamified psychometric assessment tailored for all levels starting form entry level and up to Board Members.
  • How is your gamified psychometric assessments are administered?

    Simple from your company admin panel you select the assessments that you had subscribed for, invite candidates by their email and thats it. once a candidate completes an assessment you will get an email notification with his report.
  • Would the gamified psychometric assessment require technical knowledge?

    NO, we understand that reading technical reports is hard and not easy for everyone to understand. Thats why our generated reports are simple and have detail's explaining every point with ease.
  • Do we have to install a software to use your Psychometric Assessments?

    No our system is 100% online and you can utilize assessments from anywhere and at any time.
  • How much time is required for a candidate to complete your Psychometric Assessments?

    Unlike other psychometric assessment providers all of our gamified psychometric assessments take between 2 to 5 min to be completed.
  • What package is suitable for our company?

    It all depends on your psychometric assessment needs. Each plan has different limits for number of tests and candidates. It is very important to select based on the average number of candidates you need to assess per month.
  • What payment methods are available?

    We accept Online payments, Paypal and bank transfer
  • When I start a gamified psychometric assessment, How do I invite candidates?

    From your company dashboard you can enter their emails or upload a batch file if inviting more than one candidate. A link will be sent to the candidates with the gamified psychometric assessment invitation.
  • I need help!

    Since you are our partner we assist you as much as we can, You could send us an email on hello@samas.icu
  • What are the company registration requirements?

    we will need you to provide the following documents: -Company Registration. -Company Tax ID Also the email associated with your account cant be with a free email provider. It must reflect the company domain.
  • Can more than one user have access to our company account?

    Yes, but that depends on the package you selected.
  • What happens when my plan expires?

    Do not worry, all your data is still there and you can login to your account anytime, However you will not be able to launch any gamified psychometric assessments.

About Us

SAmAS Gamify is a gamified Psychometric Assessment platform that helps you assess and select your most qualified candidates for any position. SAmAS Gamify is the only Gamified Psychometric Assessment product on the market that assesses how well a person deals with different types of stress and pressure they might experience in their work life. This intelligence will be used to tailor the hiring process you have with candidates so you can hire the best, strongest candidate for your company.We are a small startup with big ideas, an innovative product based purely on scientific data, and the right team to bring our idea to life. The company was founded in 2021 with the best intentions of making psychometric assessment more enjoyable for the end-user.

SAmAS Gamify Team